• (Windows) Integrated app menu bar

Bug Fixes

  • Fix offset mapping planes not showing at correct height
  • Selecting range of speakers selects array members
  • Deleting groups causes undefined behavior with speakers
  • Unable to solo a group that contains arrays
  • Unable to mute a group that contains arrays
  • Shadowed map surfaces causes mapping color scale not to update consistently
  • Click events not working on some elements in the 3D Mapping view
  • (Windows) White screen showing on start
  • (Windows) Library images not loading for some speaker items

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Rendering engine performance improvements
  • Larger outline for selected face edges to enhance visibility
  • Updated engine settings to reflect latest product enhancements
  • Updated mapping legend margins to better support different window sizes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing Sketchup DLL error on first time install



  • Venueflex Processor Integration
  • Statistical Acoustics modeling capability
  • Blacktrax Integration
  • OSC Integration
  • Improved Object Based Mixing UI
  • Improved Active Acoustics UI
  • Layers now accesible on right hand sidebar for better workflow
  • Improved Meters with level details
  • Loudspeaker mute icons now flash if group is muted
  • Material Library included for acoustical modeling
  • Various other small UI edits

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix input meters not showing on crosspoints correctly
  • Fix input meters not showing on channel strips correctly
  • Fix issue where deleting groups causes assigned speakers to not map correctly
  • Fix DSP interruptions with large project changes
  • Room acoustics synthesis occurring excessively and not cancelling with new changes
  • Fixed deleting materials that were assigned to surfaces causing undefined behavior



  • Support for importing and exporting DXF files
  • System alerts on potentially excessive numbers of faces when importing DXF and Sketchup files
  • Support for steered arrays

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mapping shadowing bug when using auto-splay on arrays
  • Fixed mapping shadowing bug when changing orientation of objects
  • Fixed missing alert when overwriting an existing project file on save
  • Fixed camera home button disappearing
  • Fixed camera home button appearing on top of certain menus
  • Fixed excessive triggers of mapping recalculation
  • Fixed Tooltips getting stuck behind UI elements
  • Fixed mapping failure on large number of surfaces
  • Fixed mapping calculations fail to recalculate after adding new array members
  • Fixed dropping Sketchup file on window triggered import across all open projects

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Removed Sketchup orient faces option
  • Added loading state to Sketchup import button
  • Added Sketchup import to menubar


  • Improved render engine performance on large models


First public release

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